Happy Friday! And it's March, that means winter is done, right?!?
Here's a peek at our week...after being couped up with sick kids all last week, we were ready to get out! In the middle of a snow storm, my determination got the best of me and we headed out to our local gardens and sculpture park. Spring was in full force there. Deep breath, ahh!this time of year, they fill the gardens with all sorts of butterflies, so cool!we went out with friends on Saturday and left both kids with our babysitter. Yay! We got a text from her around 9 that Zachary had been crying for a bit, so I left this yummy drink behind and we headed for home. As luck would have it, he was totally happy by the time we got there, but I'm still so glad our babysitter wasn't afraid to call us home.this girl required an ultrasound at our local children's hospital. She thought it was so cool to get to go to the hospital, but once we were there, I could definitely sense her nervousness setting in. Praise the Lord, everything is fine!we blew through another vacuum this week. I probably average a new vacuum every two that normal??? Maybe I just like to vacuum a lot? We've had a cleaning lady since just before Zachary was born, and Eric keeps telling me how good it has been for our marriage to have this "other woman" around. Ha!this new rug arrived for the kid's playroom.
happy, happy, happy!I've been working with Dann of Rebel.reclaimed on some new pillows and here are a few of the fabrics he selected. LOVE! Think he would notice if a few pieces of fabric just happened to disappear???The rule when using someone else's fabric that has no extra for error :
measure about a million times, cut once!
this arrived this week and I am determined I WILL find time to sit down and read it before next month's arrives. Maybe this weekend?and I'll leave you with my favorite picture this week of this little stud.
I love dressing him to look like an old man!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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