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Lemon Lavender Salt Scrub

Mother's Day was this weekend, and it was quite a dark and rainy day here.
Truthfully though, after such a busy day at the Farmgirl Flea,
a quiet Sunday was JUST what this family needed.
By mid-afternoon, Claire asked if we could do a Mother's Day project,
and knowing how my girl loves her oils as much as her mama,
we got in the kitchen and made ourselves some Lemon Lavender Salt Scrub.
The scrub is SO easy to make, and leaves your hands feeling just amazing.

Epsom Salt
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Young Living Essential Oils
(we used Lemon and Lavender, but you can get creative here with whatever scents you like!)

We began by placing about a cup of Epsom Salts into our Vitamix.  Claire especially didn't want the scrub to be too coarse, so by blending it just for a few seconds, the salt grains were much smaller.

Next, we whipped about a cup or so of coconut oil on a high speed in our Kitchen Aid mixer.
We also added about a spoonful of the shea butter, although it's not a necessary ingredient.

Once the coconut oil and shea butter were whipped, we slowly poured the salt in.

Next, we added the drops of Lemon and Lavender.
Again, you can add as much or as little here, depending on your preferences.

Finally, we scooped the yummy salt scrub mixture into jars...
a few for us, and a few for friends!
   This was SO simple to make, but feels like such a treat for our hands.
If you make some yourself, let me know what oil scents you decide on!


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