Happy Friday!
Major highlight of our week : warmer temperatures and some outdoor time!
Here's a peek at what we were up to...finally enough sunshine here in the mitten to try this cool trick!a little post-church photo taking on Sunday. I still can't get over how much these two love each other already...I really thought that wouldn't happen until years from now. One day this week while driving down the road I looked in my rear-view mirror and caught these two smiling and cracking each other up, my heart swelled.
I'm not sure what I accomplished this week...not a whole lot I suppose.
Holding him while he naps sure was nice though.
pajama jeans? seriously?
I'm all for being comfy, but seriously?!?
one of my least favorite things about parenting is the days when I feel
like all I'm doing is saying no. One day this week I said yes to:
1. buying birthday cake Oreos (ah-ma-zing!)
2. eating them while in the car waiting for preschool drop off
happy.happy.happyand speaking of happy, this happy guy wants you to have a great weekend!

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