Happy Friday, everyone!
It was another gorgeous week around here...87 degrees in March, unreal!something clicked and suddenly this girl can do the monkey bars!
I love how proud she is of herself.
and this boy learned to roll!
he also learned that rolling over onto this toy doesn't feel good,
yet proceeded to do it over and over and over.
Zachary had his first taste of rice cereal and he devoured full-on-angry-face attacked it. This is the kid who was violently going at his fist already in the delivery room, and has been intently watching us eat our meals ever since, so I guess it was no shocker that he was ready!
Next up : cheeseburgers.
dressed and ready for date night and I look in the mirror to see that my shoulder is covered in baby drool. Nice.Our golden retriever Lyra, patiently waiting for some love from the UPS man.happy assembly lineyay for a clean craft room!
and one more Zachary picture, because I can't resist....
Have a great weekend!

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