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Since October is all about yummy Fall treats + Halloween candy,
this month I'm talking about Young Living's DiGize Essential Oil,
a go-to oil for supporting a healthy digestive system.
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Thieves Week : Recap

 Thanks everyone for following along with #thievesweek - I enjoyed sharing some of the ways we use Thieves Essential Oil & Thieves products in our home, and hope you feel like you learned a few things too!

Young Living has a handful of newly released Thieves products that I didn't cover this week including Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent & Fruit and Veggie Wash.  Be sure to check them out!  I ordered the laundry detergent and it just arrived TODAY and I'm so excited to try it out (seriously...excited to do laundry, crazy!)

If you're interested in Young Living products, and the Thieves products specifically interest you, Young Living has a Thieves Starter Kit available. Just like the Premium Starter Kit, this kit is a great value and a fantastic way to introduce yourself to Young Living products.




Thieves Week : Mouth Care

Here's one more #thievesweek tip for you!

We *love* our Thieves toothpaste + floss (our kids use the Kidscents Slique Toothpaste) And the moment my husband or I feel something possibly coming on, we add a drop of Thieves Essential Oil to our toothbrush, then put some toothpaste over it and brush. Watch out though, Thieves is considered a *hot* oil which means it might just knock your socks off the first time you try it! It seriously leaves your teeth feeling SO clean though.

See all of Young Living's Oral Care products here.

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Thieves Week : Diffuser

4:00 in our house is after school time, which means it's time to start up our diffuser.

Thieves is our go-to after school oil. Thieves on it's own smells amazing, but I quite often add a second oil to it such as Orange, just to change things up a bit. When diffused, Thieves kills 99.96% of airborne bacteria(!) Between washing our hands with our DIY Thieves hand soap + running the diffuser when we get home, I can feel really good that we're leaving all the germs from the day behind.

Young Living has several diffusers available. We own both the Home Diffuser & the Dewdrop Diffuser and have been happy with both.  

As always, comment here or email me at jill.meulenberg@gmail.com with any questions!



Thieves Week : Household Cleaner

Ok, please tell me that you can relate. On Monday morning, I set out to just clean the bathroom sinks + faucets. While cleaning the first sink, I noticed some hand soap splattered on the wall, so I cleaned it off. Then I looked down and saw that our baseboards were looking dirty, especially near the dog's bowl, so I started on those. From there, I saw finger smudges on our mudroom lockers + back door.... you get the point! Anyone else clean that way??

Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner is my go-to for all of my house cleaning.

Here's what I love about it :

- one cleaner that works for all surfaces
(I use it on quartz, formica, walls, painted cabinets & floors)

- I don't have to wear grubby clothes + rubber gloves to use it

- no headache from chemical fumes like other cleaners

- I can use it near my family, and on surfaces that we'll be preparing
and eating food off of without worry

- it's highly concentrated, I mix 1 part cleaner to 30 parts water
in a glass spray bottle that I found on Amazon.
(Translated : one bottle will last a you a long time!)

- it smells amazing!

Any questions, just comment below or email me at jill.meulenberg@gmail.com



Thieves Week : Immune Boosting Roller

When I first started researching essential oils for my family, my primary focus was to support our immune systems. Being exposed to sickness and germs is a part of life we can't entirely control, but we *can* give our body the best tools possible to protect itself.

For our family, it's really about being proactive when it comes to sickness, rather than reactive. One of the easiest ways to apply oils to your body is with roller bottles.We have rollers made up for all different purposes, and one is our immune system support roller.

Here's our family's immune system support roller recipe: 
apx. 15 drops YL Thieves Essential Oil
apx. 15 drops YL Lemon Essential Oil
apx. 10 drops YL Frankincense Essential Oil
apx. 5 drops YL Oregano Essential Oil
fill remainder of roller bottle with fractionated (liquid) coconut oil

I purchase both our roller bottles + our fractionated coconut oil from Amazon.

A few swipes on the bottoms of our feet (look up vitaflex points!) before we put our shoes and socks on, and we've armed ourselves well for the day ahead. And the beauty of roller bottles is that even young kids can apply their own!

Comment below or email me at jill.meulenberg@gmail.com with any questions!



Thieves Week : Hand Purifier

Today's post for #thievesweek is a simple one - when we're out and about and hand washing isn't an option, I always have a bottle of YL's Waterless Hand Purifier in my arsenal (purse!)  No dangerous ingredients included, click here to the read about it and see the ingredients.

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Thieves Week : DIY Foaming Hand Soap

In our house, hand washing is always the first thing we do when we walk in the door.
It is SUCH an important line of defense for keeping our homes healthy.

We like to make our own Thieves foaming hand soap.
It's inexpensive to make.  In fact, the supplies you purchase
will be enough for plenty of bottles of hand soap (think gifts!)

DIY Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

2-3 Tbsp. Dr Bronner’s Liquid Pure Castile Soap
1/2 tsp Vegetable Glycerin or Vitamin E
10 drops Young Living Thieves Essential Oil
Distilled Water

Add ingredients and shake

I purchase my foaming hand soap dispensers here,
but you can also reuse foaming dispenser bottles from store-bought soaps.

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Thieves Week

Quite often, people will ask me what my family uses essential oils for.
Truth be told, we use them for SO many things,
but this time of year, my first response is "boosting our immune systems"

With back to school, cooler weather and busier schedules, 
September seems to be the prime time for sickness to settle in.

Oils aren't just for after you get sick,
they're an amazing tool for building up our immune systems 
to fight off whatever we find ourselves exposed to.

All this week, I'll be posting a few ways that my family uses
Young Living's thieves products to maintain health in our home.

Please join along,
and as always, email me with any questions!


It's My Birthday!

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I look forward to helping you get started with essential oils!
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