Oh Hey!

Now would you look at that, it's October!
So I suppose that means I'm not on summer vacation anymore??
Summer was so great... so busy... but so wonderful.
Lots of family time... a quick family getaway... kid camps... zoo trips... park trips... pool trips... beach trips... buying a house... selling a house... beginning renovations on a house... watching our little guy turn into quite a busy body... watching our girl play with neighborhood friends and prepare for a new school year.
 Meanwhile, sewing for Rebel.Reclaimed kept me plenty busy including these new Michigan pillows.
And now it's October and I feel like we're finally starting to settle into our fall routine.  Eric and I just returned from a nice getaway to Napa.  Our baby girl just turned 5 and our baby boy is almost 1.  (This mumma is in total denial)  I've begun sewing for the holiday season and promise to get back into this blogging thing here and there too (although I'm not going to lie, the break was kind of nice!)
Happy Fall, everyone!