Young Living Foundation

Since many people have charitable giving on their minds these last few days of the calendar year, I wanted to highlight what I think is one of the absolute coolest things about Young Living, the Young Living Foundation.

 Young Living is committed to making a difference.

The Young Living Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization where 100% of the Foundation's administrative costs are covered by the Young Living company. This means that every.single.penny of a donation to the Foundation goes directly to it's global projects and partnerships.

The Young Living Foundation has partnered with organizations such as Sole Hope in Uganda and the Maestral Orphanage in Croatia. The Young Living Foundation also began the Young Living Academy in Ecuador, which currently educates 300 students, grades K-12, and they would love to see it continue to expand. Two of our Essential Families team members were blessed to the academy this Fall, and it was SO amazing seeing the photos and videos of their time there.

I'd encourage you to click here and read more about the incredible work happening through the Young Living Foundation.
When placing an order on the VO, click the small box  
Did you know that you can donate simply by rounding up your essential oils order to the nearest dollar?  Next time you place place an order, look for the box you can check to take advantage of this giving opportunity.


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Day 13 : Essential Rewards

Thank you all for following along with my "getting to know your starter kit" posts!

If you have any further questions about the kit itself, or any specific oil, be sure to ask!
You can email me at

 Here's just a bit about Young Living's Essential Rewards program - if you find yourself using these oils and wanting non-kit oils as well, I'd recommend checking it out (you earn free products!)


Day 12 : Thieves

Our last starter kit oil to cover is Thieves. Our family uses this in multiple ways including our immune boosting rollers that we roll on the bottoms of our feet + diffusing.


Day 11 : Panaway

It's Day 11 and we're talking about PanAway - this oil is great for relieving achy muscles!


Day 10 : Digize

DiGize is our starter kit oil for Day 10 of getting to know your Premium Starter Kit. This is a great one to keep in mind with all those holiday parties (and eating!) coming up!


Day 9 : Lemon

On Day 9 of introducing you to the Premium Starter Kit oils, we're talking about la-la-la-lemon. This one is just as fresh smelling and tasting as they come!


Day 8 : Frankincense

Confession : when I got my first bottle of Frankincense, I didn't hardly use it for fear of using it all up (that's ridiculous!) Now I can't get enough of the stuff, and my family uses it for so many different things from skin care to immune system support.

Today, try adding a few drops to your moisturizer. 


Day 7 : Ningxia Red & RC

It's Day 7 of learning about your new starter kit, and I've got a couple of things for you to do today!


PSK Day 6 : Copaiba

Happy Sunday! It's a rainy and dreary day here, perfect day for a cup of tea!


PSK Day 5 : Stress Away

On Day 5 of learning about your new Premium Starter Kit, we're talking about Stress Away (also known as the yummiest smelling oil, ever). I keep this one in my purse and use it as my perfume!


PSK Day 4 : Lavender

It's Day Four of diving into the Premium Starter Kit, and today I give you permission to draw yourself a bath and relax a little!


PSK Day 3 : Peppermint

It's our third day of helping you figure out your new Premium Starter Kit - 
today, go ahead and get out your Peppermint Essential Oil!


PSK Day 2 : Purification

It's Day 2 talking about the Premium Starter Kit, and today is all about your new diffuser.

Purification is a great oil to diffuse first - we diffuse Purification almost every day following dinner as it's great for eliminating odors (and it just smells so good and fresh too!)


Getting to Know the Premium Starter Kit

 Have you purchased one of Young Living's Premium Starter Kits?
And are you feeling a little lost now??

Over the next 13 days, I'll be posting a little something every day to help you familiarize yourself with the oils and products included in the Premium Starter Kit.

Day 1 - open up that box and pull everything out!
Smell the oils, decide which ones you like most (and if there's any you don't care for!)
 Then check back here tomorrow when we start going through the individual oils!