Tuesday Randomness

Some randomness for you...

1. It's Blissdom week and I'm not going, dang.my week is looking like this :
a. pout because I'm not going
b. live vicariously through everyone that is

2. I will make myself feel better by reading happy blogs like this one. And this one too. You should read them too.

3. I've been wearing jeggings. Never would have thought I would like them, but I LOVE them. And kind of wish I had more than one pair. Just whatever you do, do not do a Google image search of jeggings...I did that to try to include a photo in this post, and it wasn't pretty.

4. A reader just posted pictures of the Valentine's garland she made using my tutorial. SWEET! Check out her entire post here.

5. Finally, I have BIG NEWS to share with you but I'm going to make you wait until tomorrow. (ooh, the suspense!) But just between you and me, I might just let it leak tonight on Twitter since I'm about ready to burst!
Random enough for you???