Thinking back on this past month,
and I can't help but feel SO thankful for this oil journey
and what it is becoming.

At our Essential Families retreat in Nashville this past month,
one of our speakers encouraged us to
"run as fast and as hard as you can to the things God has called you to".
Hearing her say that was an exact affirmation of where my heart was already feeling led.
And I'm so grateful for the clear and tangible ways that continue to prove to me this is right where I need to be.

Truthfully, at the core of this whole thing is an opportunity to serve and love others. Sure, we talk about essential oils in terms of health and wellness, but it's also about striving to do better and be better, and for me, will always be about serving and loving others along the way.

So thank you ALL for this amazing opportunity you've given me to serve,
I'm truly SO grateful for it!