Thieves Week : Household Cleaner

Ok, please tell me that you can relate. On Monday morning, I set out to just clean the bathroom sinks + faucets. While cleaning the first sink, I noticed some hand soap splattered on the wall, so I cleaned it off. Then I looked down and saw that our baseboards were looking dirty, especially near the dog's bowl, so I started on those. From there, I saw finger smudges on our mudroom lockers + back door.... you get the point! Anyone else clean that way??

Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner is my go-to for all of my house cleaning.

Here's what I love about it :

- one cleaner that works for all surfaces
(I use it on quartz, formica, walls, painted cabinets & floors)

- I don't have to wear grubby clothes + rubber gloves to use it

- no headache from chemical fumes like other cleaners

- I can use it near my family, and on surfaces that we'll be preparing
and eating food off of without worry

- it's highly concentrated, I mix 1 part cleaner to 30 parts water
in a glass spray bottle that I found on Amazon.
(Translated : one bottle will last a you a long time!)

- it smells amazing!

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