Back to School with Essential Oils

It's just about that time of year.
We're going to send our kids back to school, and then wait for it...
the germ-sharing begins, right??

This past school year was our family's first full year
of using Young Living Essential Oils to boost our immune systems,
and wow, did we ever see a difference!

We made it an entire winter with literally, no sickness.
No sniffles, no coughs, none of that throwing up business.

And I give all the credit to our daily oils routine.

My group, Essential Families, is hosting a back to school with oils class tonight, 
Monday, August 10 on Facebook.
The class is open to the public, so please join us!
Joining the class simply means that the class posts will appear in your timeline,
it is not any way an obligation to purchase oils.
We just love our oils + want to educate you on how to love and use them too.

Find the class here,
and be sure to let me know if you have any questions!
Young Living Distributor #1752406