Our Family and Essential Oils

It was just about a year ago that I posted this picture and caption on Instagram:
 Yes, this might just be me jumping on a bandwagon, BUT, after two prescriptions called in for our family recently would have cost us $535 out of pocket (ouch!) it was time to start researching some other options.  (And obviously, I've already started smelling a few of them!)

 A year later, and we're still using our oils...
still finding more and more uses for them...
and still *loving* them.
We have a bit of a standing joke in our house now about
how many times I'll respond to someone in my family with :
"I'm sure there's an oil for that!"

Feeling some sniffles coming on??
there's an oil for that!

Kitchen has a funny smell to it from some leftovers in the trash??
there's an oil for that!

Growing legs are feeling growing pains??
there's an oil for that!

The dog has some seasonal discomfort flaring up??
there's an oil for that!

One of the kids took a sharpie to the furniture??
there's an oil for that!

You got stung by a bee??
there's an oil for that!

Feeling stressed about an upcoming event??
there's an oil for that!

Truthfully, at the time that I ordered our starter kit,
I was a total skeptic,
but I was desperate for a solution.
When we first began using oils, we had NO idea
the range of uses we would find for them.
And we continue to find more and more daily uses for oils.
And, I'm very happy to report that the problems we were trying
to resolve with those $535 worth of prescriptions??
The oils took care of them!

after a year of using and researching Young Living Essential Oils,
I feel ready and prepared to help others get started with oils as well.
Transitioning to essential oils in various aspects of your home is
SUCH a fantastic decision for your family's overall health.
If you have questions about oils or would like to learn more,
please email me at :

If you're local and would like to get together to talk
and check out some of the oils, let's do it!

If you + a group of your friends would all like
to learn a bit about oils?  Let's hold a class!
 The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) shown above is the absolute best value and best way to get started with essential oils.  The oils that are included are some of the most commonly used, and will give you a great jump start to your oil collection.

If you have already researched Young Living Essential Oils
and know that you would like to place an order,
here are some instructions to help you get started:

My recommendation would be to sign up as a distributor.

By doing so, you will :
- purchase oils at wholesale prices (24% off customer retail)
- have the option to sign up for Essential Rewards (earn free products)
- be added to a Facebook group which is a fantastic resource
and place for you to ask any questions you may have
- spend $50/year to maintain your wholesale member status 
- never be asked to sell oils!

How to purchase a starter kit:

1.  Visit the Member Sign-Up Page
2.  Check Wholesale Member (not Retail!)
3.  Enter #1752406 in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID fields
4.  Fill out your information to create your account
5.  Select the Premium Starter Kit (#4672)
6. Submit!

Look for an email from me soon after giving you some next steps
on getting started + getting you set up in our Essential Families Facebook group.
By signing up under me, you will also receive an
Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide,
a roller bottle and a packet of oil recipes and information
to help you get started!

And of course, please email me with *ANY* questions,
I can't wait to help you get started!

Disclaimer : The writing in this post is my opinion based on my experiences and resources.
These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
Thank you!

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