Whatever Craft Weekend

A few months ago, I received an email with the subject "Whatever Craft Weekend" and I'm pretty sure I let out a little (big) scream of excitement.  There had been a cancellation for the January weekend, and my name was selected to fill the opening.  YES!  PLEASE!
well hello to you too!
It was almost evening when our big van pulled up to the Craft House,
and it was looking just as dreamy as I imagined it would!
First things first, we ate dinner, yummy (spicy) chicken enchiladas.
And margaritas...because when in Kansas, right?!?
Next up we learned all about the incredible swag we'd be taking home.  A few of my favorites include the druzy earrings by Stella Bella Boutique, the rainbow bracelet by Ike & Co, and the Bushel and a Peck Card by Lori Danelle.
I was *so* hoping Pam's Cheesecake would make an appearance, and it did!
The cheesecake was served to us while we were busy
sewing up our aprons late in the evening.
That's my finished apron on the right, and my apron's twin on the left
belonging to a sweet girl from Chicago, named Kelly.
 I stayed up past 1 am (make that 2 am Michigan time!)
This girl is not used to that kind of late-night business!
 and of course, breakfast didn't disappoint.
After breakfast, we packed up and headed to Bearly Makin It Antiques & the Barn.
It was sunny and nearly 60 degrees out, which felt like a huge treat to this Michigan girl.
but oh, that Kansas wind!
we're big American Pickers fans around here,
so finding out that they had visited the barn made this trip even more cool.
 If not for the whole needing to pack everything in a suitcase to go home thing,
I would have bought a *whole lot* more treasures
 After our little antiquing outing, it was back to the Craft House where Meg showed us the rest of the projects that we'd be working on.  Hours and hours of crafting & chatting, SO fun!
We worked on yarn pom poms, felt triangle pillow covers,
fabric wrapped wire words and stamped leather cuffs
a little more Craft House goodness
chicken pot pie baked in individual jars + asparagus salad for dinner
and the most *incredible* chocolate cake was delivered to us while we worked away.
I mean, seriously.  How spoiled were we??
We stayed up until all hours again finishing up our crafts.
It was hard to call it a night knowing that the next morning our crafting time was done!
oh hey, Michigan friends representing at the Craft House!
 (I'm kind of shocked the three of us are the only Michigan girls who have gone)
We had ladies from Illinois, New Jersey, Tennessee, Maine, Montana, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Canada & Michigan.  It's just amazing that this entire group of complete strangers, from completely different backgrounds, places and stages of life can come together and enjoy each other's company SO much.
 Tiffany & Christine from New Jersey were so adorable and kind.
I loved watching their friendship, and learning about their home church and life in Jersey.
 Just how cute are my Tennessee roommates, Brenda & Mary!?
Good Morning!
 Meg & Kimberlee both have such gifts.  How special that they take an entire weekend out of their lives each month to love on total strangers.  The entire weekend was so well planned out, and I'm guessing *just* what many of us busy ladies needed.
because when Jami Nato is taking your picture, this is what happens.
Traveling across the country by myself to meet and spend an entire weekend with a group of total strangers took me out of my comfort zone a bit, but I'm SO glad I did it.  The women in the group were just as fun and sweet as can be.
So long, Craft House,
hopefully I'll be seeing you again!

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