Hope Spoken

So here's a story for you.
 About a year ago, this sure-to-be amazing new conference called Hope Spoken was announced. And I wanted to go, so badly.  Like, shaking with excitement bad.  BUT, the timing for our family just wasn't fantastic.  We were anticipating some changes happening in 2013, so committing the time and finances to going just wasn't really an option.  And I watched as the tickets sold out.  And then, this fall, they released more tickets!  BUT, it still just wasn't the best time for me to make a commitment like that.  So I watched as the tickets sold out (again).  And then on New Years, Hope Spoken announced that they were going to give away the very.last.ticket.
So I entered...my little entry...along with 13,000 others.
and wouldn't you know that entry #9804 won.
SO, here I am, officially the last one to join the party!

Here's what we were asked to share:
- post a picture so that we can recognize you
- introduce yourself
- something that you are a little timid or nervous about for the weekend
-something that you are hoping to take away from hope spoken
- share something fun/random about yourself 
 gosh, a picture of myself?!?
I can show you about 1.7 billion pictures of my kids,
but finding one of myself is NOT proving to be so easy.
and a picture of me by myself, impossible!
Eric and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer,
and I stay home with our two kids, Claire (6) and Zachary (2)

 I love this little family of mine and feel so, so blessed.
During nap times and after the kids are in bed, you'll find me in my craft room.  I sew pillows and other home decor items for the cutest little shop ever, called Rebel.Reclaimed and also sew table runners for Dee of Red Letter Words.  We're fortunate enough to have a place that we get to escape to for the summer, and I love nothing more than the simplified, family-focused time we have while we're there.  Sometimes I feel like we live for summers!
Something I'm nervous about??  I get nervous about saying ridiculous things.  Seriously.  Sometimes I feel like when I talk I'm not as eloquent as I would like to be, or my words just don't come out right.  Either meeting new people, or during small group time, I'm praying that I can learn tons from the women around me, but hopefully also add valuable pieces to the conversations myself.  It's just SO much easier to put yourself "out there" on social media than it is in real life!
I'm most looking forward to connecting with other women.  The idea of fellowship and diving into each other's stories and God's word together is so exciting to me.
Something fun or random?  In our 10 years of marriage, we've managed to buy a house, build a house, and renovate two more.  It's safe to say that we have a thing for home reno projects.  No major projects on our horizon right now, but plenty of small ones as always keeping us busy!
I think that's about it.
See you in March, yessssss!