oh, hey!

how are you?  We're doing well.
This fall in Michigan has been about as good as it gets,
here's a peek at what we've been up to.
a quick getaway to NYC with him.  
Yes, please.
we bring our trucks to go look at the trucks at the end of our street.
every day.
flea market shenanigans, that's a lot of legs!
(and Claire was totally embarrassed taking this picture)
my favorite flea market find
birthday prep!
she's SIX!
tub of dry beans + his trucks.
morning 'til night.
zoo exploring
 Parent Trap watching, Claire's first time.
I forgot how much I LOVE this movie.
smoothie making.
don't tell your kids, but sneak a half of an avocado into their smoothies.  
They'll never taste it, but it makes the smoothie super creamy, 
and adds some serious nutrition too
Have a good one!