10 Years

This past weekend, Eric and I were blessed to celebrate our 10 YEAR wedding anniversary!  Ignoring the fact that we looked like babies at our wedding, and that I can hardly believe it's already been 10 years, I am so grateful for Eric and this life that we have together.
Eric arranged for my parents to take our kids for a few days so we could have some time to celebrate.  (see, reason #142 why he's a keeper!)  We stayed at our summer place and enjoyed doing all the things around town that we don't normally get to do with kids in tow.  And yes, that even including taking a nap one afternoon, rebellious, I know.
first thing when we dropped the kids off, we went and had pedicures.  
Yes, Eric had his first pedicure (and he liked it!)
Then it was off to dinner to cheers to our alone time
 lots of scooter riding + making sure we were at the beach to catch the sunset
afternoon front porch-sitting
happy hour at home with our favorite wine saved from our Napa vacation last Fall
dinner out
one more evening at the beach
it was so nice to have some time to reconnect,
I can't wait until we can do it again!