Doll Clothes Storage

breakfast + shopping at the American Girl store in Chicago
We are officially an American Girl family now. For Claire's 5th birthday this fall, she received Kit, and for Christmas, she received all sorts of clothes to dress Kit with.  It was pretty obvious right away that we were going to need a way to organize Kit's new wardrobe.
If you really want to spent a fortune, you can buy this wardrobe from American Girl for a mere $349.  Or Target will gladly sell you several options for around the $50 range.  But here's what I chose to do : I went to my local grocery superstore, and picked up a curtain tension rod for $3.99.  I installed the tension rod inside of her closet going front to back, and along with some doll-sized hangers, it was all set! 
I really think that having the clothes all visible like this (as opposed to thrown in a big tub like they were) has really encouraged Claire to use them more.  Almost every morning, she gets Kit dressed for the day, and I'm certain it's because they're visible and easily accessible.
 And in case if you're interested, here is the other side of Claire's closet.  I installed a row of mug hooks to hang her every growing collection of jewelry.  No more big tangled messes of necklaces in her jewelry box, now each necklace has its own hook and can easily be found.
Hope these tips help you get your little girl organized!
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