Happy Friday, all!
Last week was craaazy busy, so I took things clear the opposite direction this week and we slowed waaay down, ahh.  Here's a peek!
 somehow I got the brilliant idea to do our entire house in grays.
Have you ever tried picking out gray paint?  NOT. EASY.
Pretty soon I'll probably owe the paint store for all the samples I've taken home.
this girl and her heart.  I'm so proud of her thoughtfulness.
She made this at school, and first thing pointed out that it had pink buttons, but only because they didn't have purple (my favorite)
painting trim.  So unexciting, yet it makes such a difference in cleaning up a room.
choosing to skip his morning nap did not work out so well for poor Zachary.
and I kind of can't believe that he actually slept in a shopping cart (nor am I especially proud of it) but in the end, he had an afternoon nap, and I had groceries : win, win.
earrings by Wifey Singer.
This girl is seriously sweet, check out her shop and blog
I've got more to share with you all including pictures from a fun Instagrammer meet-up, and a new clip board art wall I just put together.  So much to blog, so little time!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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