Happy Friday, I hope you all had a nice week!
I'm trying to think back to our week and nothing major is sticking out in my mind, I guess it was pretty low-key.
Here's a peek:
Dr Bed Head, checking up on her #1 patient.
I'm not going to lie...Claire goes to preschool in the afternoons, so our mornings quite often include pajamas and messy hair. I figure we have the rest of our lives to get up and get going early, we'll enjoy this while we can.
laundry. it.never.ends.
just look at him. jeans, tennis shoes and a cool t-shirt, he's looking a lot like he's not my little newborn anymore. Sigh.
Eric loves to make the neighbor kids run sprints.
And they actually think it's fun, crazy!
Look what I found under the couch.
Someone has got some explaining to do.
and look who discovered his toes, yay!

See, I told you, low-key.
Have a happy Friday!

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