Happy Friday, everyone!
We've got another week of adjusting to being a family of four under our belt and things are going well! Here's a bit about our week...the whole family was set to take Sunday afternoon naps and look who decided to pop his eyes open.
So he and I hung out on the couch instead, works for me!Look what just opened in our town,
way to go Grand Rapids!aww, baby's first trip to Target!
No really, he's thrilled.I've gotten off track with drinking water and it was time to fix that.
A new reusable cup seems to be doing the trick!My awesome parents took Claire to the children's museum on her day off from school and look at what I did! Since Zachary's arrival, I really haven't checked anything off of my on going to do lists, so this felt great!Yes, my two week old baby already cracks himself up and I love it!
Have a great weekend!

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