Happy Friday everyone!
We had a great week over here and I hope you did too!
Here's a peek at ours...on Sunday we visited a Healing Field near our house to honor those who lost their lives on September 11. Seeing 3200 flags set up in honor of those lost was very touching and certainly put the day in perspective for us. I tried and tried to find invites online for Claire's 4th birthday party with no luck,
so I made some myself........and I'm really glad I did.
Not only am I happy with how they turned out,
but they probably only cost me about $4 to make, not bad!I searched for milk bottles to use for Claire's birthday party with no luck finding something within the price range I was comfortable with. Here's my solution...bottoms up!Free grande beverage in honor of my birthday month, sure!
One berry smoothie please!this girl got her haircut and for the first time ever experienced totally straight hair. Wow did it ever make her feel sassy!New ruffle flower pillows for Fall,
I hope everyone has a great weekend! We're hosting a garage sale and hoping to sell four years worth of girl clothes, wish us luck!

life rearranged

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