Cupcake Party Planning

All along, we've said that we were not going to do birthday parties for our kids except on milestone years (1, 5, 10...). This funny thing happens though when your kid starts getting invited to other kid's birthday parties, and they realize that's what people do. So for Claire's 4th birthday, which happens to be exactly one month from today, we're doing a little party.
I'm loving all the baking-themed parties I'm seeing on blogs and such lately, and since Claire does love to bake, it seemed perfect! I've created a Pinterest board to start collecting ideas for the party, here's a few items I've pinned...

Adorable, huh?!?
Here are my first few purchases for the party, all from Hey Yo Yo on Etsy...
I have a million ideas swirling in my head, but for now I'm just waiting for Claire to start school next week and then I'll have some time to start pulling it all together. I'm pretty certain I'm going to have one giddy little 4 year old!

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