Hoop Art Swap

I recently participated in the Hoop Art Swap hosted by the lovely Heather at Blessed Little Nest. I was given Cherish from Kiwi Freckles as the person I would be creating a hoop for and couldn't wait to get to work!

My plan was to recreate the header image from Cherish's blog, and I was able to pull it off (somewhat). I downloaded the header from her blog, and then used Picnik to resize it. I then ironed a Kona cotton I had found in the same color as her header onto Heat and Bond and traced the background image onto it. I had planned to iron the image on, and then embroider "Kiwi Freckles" over it, exactly as her header shows. When I cut the image out though, I just felt like too much of the detail was lost. So, onto Plan B. I noticed that each of the labels on Cherish's blog had chevron stripes, so I used the same Kona cotton and began sewing chevron stripes for the top and bottom of the hoop. In the middle I embroidered "Kiwi Freckles" as I originally planned, and here's the finished product!
I'm really happy with how it turned out and hope Cherish loves it too!

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