Happy Friday, all!
Here's a peek at our week...
snow day pajama wearing + PBS watching
and, of course, a full nano-second after I took this they were jumping on the couch!
 the way this boy plays has been changing by leaps and bounds recently.
this was the first time I caught him actually building with his Duplos
happiness = finding one last jar of our peaches from summer in the back of the pantry
oh, if you could just see the back of his mouth right now.
I'm pretty certain every.single.tooth is coming in at once.
poor buddy!
 pictures on my night stand.
Feeling so grateful for this life I've been given.
 at 15 months old, this boy is far too busy to cuddle.
Therefore, I have no shame taking him from his crib and just holding him while he sleeps.
 Princess Claire off to her first royal ball!
future heart-breaker (because he's all mine!)
We've got a long weekend coming up, yessss!
AND, Monday is Eric's birthday.  The kids and I have a few things planned, should be fun!

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