Happy SNOWY Friday!
Snow has been falling like crazy since yesterday,
and now we're just planning a cozy day at home, and I'm totally ok with it.
Here's a peek at our last week....
I picked up this jean shirt from Target last week and most definitely
wore it three times in one week.  (I kind of like it)
I've been working with the wonderful Dann & Chip of Rebel.Reclaimed 
for two years now and feel so fortunate to be a part of such a cool shop!
this table belonged to Eric's grandparents.  It was a cherry wood and really beat up.  Some paint, distressing, sealer, and a pretty knob and it has a new life and I couldn't be happier with how this turned out!
our family's perfect no ear infection record is over.
poor buddy.
while playing in Claire's room.
I spy sight words + her dress for this weekend's daddy/daughter dance.
one day this week was non-stop sunshine and required being outside soaking it up
tie-dyed coffee filter hearts.
such a perfect project for kids!
four days a week I have to wake this boy from his morning nap to pick up his sister from school.  It completely breaks my heart, and yet, he wakes up with a smile every single day.  He's a trooper for sure.
Have a great weekend, stay warm!
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