Happy Friday, everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family,
ours was very nice - very low key which is just how we hoped it would be!
Here's a bit about our week...
Sunday morning photo FAILI bought these in a moment of weakness while at the grocery store. And now that Eric is reading this, he'll know that these are somewhere in our house...let's see if he can find them!
Pacifier in the toilet. And that's all I'll be saying about our Tuesday.
We dipped into our canned peach supply this week and they were so good! This was my first year canning and now that I know it worked I'll probably do a lot more next year.
The first half of the week, Little Guy would open his eyes right up each night as we were ready to head to bed. Late night chats are great and all, but so is sleep.He's now over late night chats and more into late night screaming. So this is what our evenings now look like between the hours of 9-11.
My Peanut Shell sling just arrived and I'm totally intimidated,
but determined to make it work!YUM!Thanksgiving afternoon nap
first Christmas gift purchased - Little People Nativity Set
Have a great weekend!

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