Insta-Friday : Zachary Edition

Happy Friday, everyone!
Whew, what an awesome week we have had, take a look...We spent a better portion of the day on Saturday convinced that we were going to be heading into the hospital. By Saturday night all of our signs of labor had stopped and we were exhausted. I was feeling pretty discouraged (and very round and ready to be able to bend over to pick things up again!)I was happy that no labor meant we would make it to church on Sunday. One more week of using a jean jacket and scarves to pretend like my clothes still fit!I was woken at 2:30 Monday morning with very clear signs that it was time to head to the hospital, and at 10:19 Monday morning, we welcomed Zachary Eric into our family!I just can't get enough of him!And of course Zachary has melted his daddy's heart too.
Love my boys!
Ahh, going home!
and now I get unlimited snuggles with him,
and I couldn't be more in love!
Have a great weekend, everyone!
Get some sleep for me, will ya?!?

life rearranged

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