Preschool Valentine's Debaucal

Okay, I'm going to call this the curse-of-the-crafty.
Why do I insist on fussing on handmade Valentines for Claire's three year old preschool class rather than just buy a box from the store??? Seriously, I'm sure the kids just ripped them open anyway without giving them a single look.But anyway, the Valentine's themselves were not that difficult (and look, I actually used my Cricut for something other than a banner!) The difficult part came when I honestly thought a three year old could sit and write her name 15 times over without any drama involved. Serious lack of judgment on my started out sweet
and everybody was having fun
but about four or five in the tears began.
We made it through, whew.The real reward came though while watching Claire hand out her Valentine's to her classmates, so cute!And at least I'm not the mom who handed out whistles to all the kids.
Not cool. Not cool at all. The dog doesn't think so either.

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