Carpet + Ready to Move In!

The carpet is in, and the final wipe downs have been done,
this room is ready to go!I love how clean and bright it is. I actually had worried that the room may be too dark but quite the opposite is true. During the day I don't even anticipate needing to turn the lights on as the two windows let in so much natural light.
I still don't believe this built-in ironing board will make me love ironing, but it sure will make it more convenient
Our builder was willing to measure my storage containers prior to installing the closet shelves to ensure I can maximize my use of the space. (nice, huh?) This closet is much smaller than the one I was using, but with the right number of shelves it should be more efficient.I expressed earlier that I wasn't fully confident in my choice of counter tops. Thankfully that changed once the carpet was installed. I think the carpet provided just enough contrast to the counter tops so they no longer look so washed out.
On the final day of work, I moved my Cricut, serger, and sewing machine into the room so the builder and I could determine the placement for the grommets in the counter top. And it's possible that I had to leave the room for fear of a nervous breakdown as he was drilling holes into my brand new counter tops, but no worries, they came out just fine. Being able to feed the cords through the top of the counter top will keep the room nice and clean (and I promise I worked on all those cords down below too!)
Next up, the finished product!!