Some Friday Randomness

Here I go again!
1. The Sarah Jane print I ordered just arrived and let me just say, it's even more adorable in person than online. (and a side note : thank you to the USPS for finally not bending an envelope coming to me that is specifically marked "Do Not Bend")2. It was just announced that an Anthropologie is opening a store in Grand Rapids in 2011, just 10 minutes from my house! I drool over their catalog each time it arrives in my mailbox, and now I can drool over the real thing, oh heart be still!

3. I've been informed that I will be dressing up for Halloween this year, ugh. So. not. my. thing.

4. The Design Design Factory sale coming up! If you live in Grand Rapids, you must check it out (just not before Thursday night when I'm able to get there!)5. Have you ordered your free 8x10 canvas from Canvas People yet??? I did, and I LOVE it! Here it is on my laundry room shelf.~
Happy Friday!