Sewing for Dolls

Claire received her first "real" doll for Christmas from her Grandma and Grandpa. (An American Girl Bitty Baby who so far has been named both "baby" and "elmo", we're not sure which name is going to stick!) Knowing that she would be receiving the doll, we went ahead and bought the doll a few accessories including this bed from IKEA.Really IKEA? That flimsy blue blanket was really the best you could do?
So I got to work making baby some much nicer, more attractive bedding. So far, I've made a fitted sheet for the bottom and a quilt for the top. I suppose I should make a little pillow too. And I'm still deciding if the bed itself should stay natural, or be painted.Claire's first response: "a beautiful bed for my baby!"
Her immediate second response: "where baby's blue blanket go?"Ugh, I tried! Now baby uses the pink and the blue blankets!