I helped my brother-in-law Brian this weekend with his Help-Portrait event. He, along with two other photographers, spent the day taking pictures of families that may not otherwise be able to afford professional family pictures. In total, 27 families were helped, and it was very rewarding for me to be a part of it.

Here were some highlights for me:

*A recently divorced mom photographed with her two teenage boys. She told me they have never had family pictures done.*

*A family that lived in a refugee camp for years and recently immigrated here. They didn't speak any English and were completely stoic for the camera (think American Gothic)*

*A single mom photographed with her little boy. It was so obvious how much she adored him*

I think some of us with cameras or the means to afford family photos assume that everyone has walls full of family pictures, but that's just not the case. If you would like to help, check out the Help Portrait site for details.