My ResOILution - Day 5

 School is back in session, and apparently so is sickness.  Goodness, I know of way too many families passing it from one member to the next right now.

When people ask me what they can do to prevent or stop it, Thieves is hands down the first oil that comes to mind.  Try applying this oil to the bottoms of feet to boost immune systems (a roller is a great way to go!) and diffuse daily before and after school too.
If you were visiting our home around 4:12 in the afternoon (right when my daughter walks in the door after school), I can just about guarantee a few things:

1. I'm telling my daughter to wash her hands before heading past our back entryway.

2.  Our diffuser is running with Thieves in it (and sometimes I add oils such as Orange to mix it up)

While I can't guarantee total health as a result of using essential oils, I can tell you that my family is on our second sickness-free winter, and I don't think it's a coincidence.  These small, daily proactive things we do have made a world of difference for us.

If you're tired of dealing with sickness and are ready to be more proactive with your health, email me at, and I'll send some information your way! 

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