If you follow me over on Instagram, then you have probably caught on to
how much we LOVE summer around here.

Summer for us means saying "no" to way too many comittments
and obligations and "yes" to family time. 
We literally move our family for three months of the year
and allow ourselves to just *live*
free of all the things that consume our time during the school year.

Here's a peek at our summer so far...
Claire's first time at summer camp
(no shortage on camp-charm here)
4th of July celebrating
we've named 2015 as the "summer of the bike"
we go *everywhere* on this thing!
*favorite* new oil!
she wants to go to NYC
measuring the kid's growth
(they've both grown TOO much!)
beach exploring
free little library peeking
front porch sitting
12th wedding anniversary celebrating
biking + burrito eating
(it's all about balance, right??)
our first little garden planting
friend hosting
lazy girl
early rising boy
 taking it all in, and so grateful for it all.