Easy, Inexpensive Art

longer alternative title :
art for those who can't commit to expensive art,
and don't like putting nail holes in their walls
I recently declared a day "stop just pinning, start actually printing day" where I took all of the free printables that I had pinned, loaded them onto a CD, and brought them to Office Max to have them printed. (Side note : isn't it awesome that design-savvy people out there are creating free printables for the rest of us?!?)  After they came out of the printer, there I had a stack of awesome art, that only cost me all of .63 each to print.
 since several of the pieces were seasonal and I knew I wasn't committing to hanging them long-term, rather than frame them, or put holes in my wall, I grabbed some washi tape and taped them to the wall.
and just like that, in a matter of minutes, our back entryway has some fabulous new art for the holidays!