Hi all!
Phew, another week has flown by!
Here's a bit about what ours looked like...Friday brought Daddy-Daughter Date Night!
Red Robin for dinner and Barnes & Noble to pick out a new book!Topsy turvy cupcakes left on our front porch by our neighbors.
No, this is not the first time this has happened.
Yes, we do have the best neighbors EVER!Watch out!
There's just something about this time of year,
it always puts me in a mood to get things done around the house.One project included on my list was installing cup hooks for my jewelry inside of our bathroom cabinet. No more digging around for a certain necklace or bracelet, they're all right there in plain sight now!Also on my to do list, fixing some of the dings in our black furniture.
A black sharpie works wonders!Tuesday was 55 degrees and sunny.
As far as I'm concerned, that definitely necessitates a frozen beverage.
3 months old.
*sigh*Do yourself a favor, add this ice cream to your Super Bowl watching junk food fest.
It's soooo good.
You're welcome.
and...a few highlights from this week's 365...Day 28
yes, he totally melts my heart.
Day 30
Sitting in his Bumbo already, I'm in total denial
So that's our week! And for those of you who read on a regular basis...I had a Mac date with my Mac-savvy neighbor this week, and I'm happy to report that the MacBook was spared becoming a really expensive frisbee. I'm still not in love, but we're at least friends now.
Have a great one!

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