Monday's 10 Things

Here's what I'm most thankful for, right now!
1. A really nice time at the women's retreat at our church this weekend.
2. Having close girlfriends at church who I love to be around.
3. Hearing the testimonials of 5 women who have been through so much, yet have never stopped relying on Christ.
4. Receiving text updates from Eric and Claire who were having a blast at the zoo while I was gone. (even if one of the updates was that they witnessed a bear going to the bathroom!)
5. Coming home to find Claire + neighbor kids playing in the yard.
6. First time firing up the grill for the year, yum!
7. Great progress on my never-ending To Do List today.
8. A spur-of-the-moment upcoming family getaway. (Thanks Eric!!)
9. Our first thunderstorm of the season last night, and wow was it a good one.
10. It's now officially Spring (at least according to the calendar!) We made it!
What are you most thankful for today?