Wednesday Randomness

Here's some randomness for your Wednesday:
1. I'm going to try really hard to make it to the UICA Holiday Artist's Market this week and think if you're in the Grand Rapids area that you should too. Here's the details.

2. This weekend is the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, I'm so excited!! A whole day spent with one of my really good friends that will probably go something like this :
- meet up early in the morning
- stop at a Starbucks prior to getting on the highway (priorities, right?!?)
- chat chat chat the whole way there
- look at amazing crafts
- shop shop shop
-buy buy buy
- eat some good food
- chat chat chat the whole way home
love it!

3. I just saw an ad on TV about The Singing Bee starting back up again next week on NBC. We watched it last year and I was pretty much in awe of the performers on the show, so I can't wait to watch it again! We're thinking Claire (our girl who treats the world as her stage) will enjoy watching it with us.

4. I'm certainly not done Christmas shopping yet, but have put a major dent in my list. And in the spirit of trying really hard to stay on top of things this holiday season, every gift I've bought is already wrapped. Sweet!

5. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, found here.

6. My Favorite Things begins tomorrow! I'm doing things a little bit different this year. Rather than highlight specific items, I'm going to feature 15 of my favorite online shops. It's going to be a lot of fun, so keep checking back!