Good Day Randomness

So one person has officially told me they like my random posts, that's enough to keep them coming, right??
1. One of Claire's favorite books right now is A Good Day, she can just about "read" it to us word for word, pretty cute.2. It was a MOPS morning. I love my MOPS girls!

3. We did Claire's three year pictures this weekend. I had big plans for 5 over sized helium balloons, but the reality was we had gail force winds and a train wreck of a three year old to work with. My brother-in-law photographer still managed to get us some great pictures though!okay, so maybe us kissing only made her attitude worse...I never thought my biceps could actually be sore from holding balloons...but 5 helium balloons on the windy beach felt like 50 pounds!

4. I've got White Chicken Chili in the crock pot for dinner. My recipe (and I use that word very loosely) is easy peasy. Serious chili-recipe people need not read on.

4 pieces baked chicken, chopped
1 can great northern beans
1 jar salsa
1 bag shredded cheese

Put it all in a crock pot and forget about it until dinnertime.
That's my kind of cooking!

5. I've been eating a.lot. of Halloween candy.
What?? That's not a good thing??

6. I'm going to the Design Design warehouse sale tonight!
7. After the sale, I get to walk a few blocks over for my haircut appointment...I LOVE getting haircuts! I've been going to the same guy since high school, crazy!

8. After my haircut, I'm meeting up with girlfriends at Wealthy Street Bakery for coffee, yum.
It's a good day!