Inexpensive Art

While some people may enjoy investing in artwork, I prefer to keep it inexpensive. That way if I change my mind or preferences, I'm not married to it.
We needed some new artwork for our master bedroom at our house that we're renovating, so I pulled out some of my favorite IKEA frames, and started searching online for what to put in them. I came across Paper Mojo and loved all of the options of really great papers at great prices.
Because I couldn't make up my mind, I ordered two slightly muted papers, and two brighter papers. (At only $3-$3.50/sheet, why not?!?)
I love orange, but am just not brave enough to decorate a room specifically in orange, so this is my first time adding just a bit of it! I opted to use the muted papers and save the brighter papers for a future use.
I a.d.o.r.e how they turned out, so now I'm off to search for more rooms around my house that could use a little art!
And lucky for you, Paper Mojo is having a sale right now where everything is 20% off! The sale ends Tuesday, April 13 though, so go shop, FAST!