The Paint Store

I LOVE the Sherwin Williams commercials that are out right now featuring a whole bunch of people asking really funny painting questions:

Is there like a shower paint?
Which one doesn't show fingerprints, footprints or bite marks?
Do you have a paint that matches this?
Isn't stinky?
Wont peel?
Dries really fast?
Water proof?
Slobber proof?
What is primer?
How much primer?
Do I really need primer?
Or Matte?
Flat and matte...are they the same thing?
If you're going from corner to corner, and it's really high?
Maybe I like those questions so much because I feel like I've been quite a regular at the paint store lately. Only my questions have been more like:

Why did my Dove White paint mix up lavender?
Why is this magnetic paint so goopy?
Does chalkboard paint really work?
What about those metal paints?

I know I keep talking about my million of projects, so soon I'll try to get some pictures up of what I've been working on!