Quotes to Remember

A few of the ladies in my MOPS group keep quote books where they record any of the sweet, quirky or cute things their kids say. I really hope that once Claire is saying full sentences I remember to do this. In the meantime though, it seems I should be writing some of the random things I find myself saying to Claire.
Here are a few of the recent ones:

"No thank you Claire, mumma does not want that down her shirt."
(I believe I was referring to a crayon that time, but lately she's trying to put lots of things down my shirt, strange.)
"Ok Claire, that's enough bars of soap in the toilet."
(I couldn't get mad at her, she didn't know she was doing wrong.)
"Claire, please don't bite your sweater."
(Claire then proceeded to stick her tongue out and smear it across her sweater)
"No Claire, please don't lick it either."
Okay, so I get it, all of my funny quotes involve telling Claire "no" but I guess that's just the breaks with a one year old. But don't worry, I do say "yes" lots too, just look at her afterall, how could I resist?!?