Patchwork Quilting

I mentioned recently that I've started on a new kind of project. Over Mother's Day weekend, my mother-in-law mentioned to me that she thought I should take up quilting, she thought it would suit me apparently. So that week I got to work and made up a few little baby-size quilts. I'm really enjoying the quilting process, especially picking out coordinating fabrics. Come to think of it, if someone wanted to hire me full time to pick out fabric combinations for them, it's the one job I would maybe consider not being a stay at home for. Well, probably not, but I do enjoy it that much!
Here's what I've got done so far...

Birds, Branches & Polka Dots Baby Quilt

Apples & Pears Baby Quilt

Pink Poppies Baby Security Blanket
(with ribbons sewn over top of the seams!)


I'm not sure yet if I'll add these to the shop or not. I'm struggling with getting good pictures of them, these just don't seem to do justice. Anyone have any good tips on taking pictures of quilts? Should I just put up a clothes line and try it that way???