Two Weeks

I brought my sewing machine in this past week, fully expecting it to spend a night or two at the doctor. My jaw dropped (not literally, that would be rude) when the sweet old lady behind the register told me that it would be at least two WEEKS! I guess that's what happens when Grams and Gramps are running the shop. At least I know they'll do good, quality work.
It's tough not having it....of course now I'm finding all sorts of patterns that I want to be trying out. I suppose I could at least start cutting some of them out so once my machine returns home I'm ready to go. One pattern I found was for a sweet little stuffed bird that can either be used as an ornament or door hanger or a pillow. Since I can't make the sewn one now, I'm using the template to make cards with him. Cute, huh?

They're all in the shop as of this morning.


Also in the works, some fun matchbook notebooks with the Amy Butler papers I picked up. There's a good chance these will make it to the shop soon. Perfect for party favors, or just to keep in your own purse for those little tidbits you need to remember!

And lastly, a new kind of project that I'm LOVING...sweet pins with button centers! Adorable on your shirt, coat, purse, or in your hair!